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AGIOS ARSENIOS : Is just 4Km from Agios Prokopios area and  7 Km from Naxos town, is the first village that you must visit !! Is situated in the plains between the green and  the sea at Iria are the remains of the temple dedicated to Dionysos, proof of religious activities which took place in Naxos since ancient times ( 1300 B.C)

APIRANTHOS : The beautiful village of Apiranthos is 32 Km from Naxos , build in the heart of Naxos, it has remained untouched since the Venetian rule. Apiranthos is host to three small interesting museums: the archaeological, the geological and the folklore museum.


APOLLON : 54 Km form Naxos town, a beautiful area densely populated with babble beach .An unfinished statue of young man ( Kouros ), 10,45 meters high, lies on the ground in the entrance of an old pit just outside the village, the statue has never been removed from its current place and dates from the 6th century B.C


KORONOS : 36 Km from Naxos town, a traditional mountainous, Cycladic village. If we follow the round that begins just outside Koronos and ends at Liona beach, we can see the emery mines.


FILOTI : 20 Km from Naxos town, is build in an amphitheatrically style on the foothills of the Zas Mountain, the highest mountain in the Cyclades ( 1004 m). The road leading to the south towards the tower of  Himaros .


KORONIDA :  40Km from Naxos town, the mountain village of Komiaki
(Koronida) with its traditional houses and running water to the next village.


MONI : 48 Km from Naxos town, a tranditional mountainous, Cycladic village. If we follow the rout that begins just outside of Moni.


POTAMIA : 9 Km from Naxos town. Is a beautiful village full of running water and rich vegetation. There has many orchards with fruit bearing trees and old towels.


SAGRI : 11 Km from Naxos town. A traditional mountainous, Cycladic village.
You can also visit the admirable Dimitra's Temple.


TRIPODES : 12 Km from Naxos town. Nice village, with characteristic but now abandoned windmills. There is a dirt road to Plaka beach.

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