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Our family originally coming from "filoti", which is the biggest village of the island at the bottom of mountain Zeus! We stood very lucky back in 1987 when "Elias" the head of our family, bought this land in this blessed area! The beauty of nature, the pristine ground and the crystal clear waters of Alyko were ideal even without a special plan! The next year the house built and run without electricity! (Just a small generator) Five years later, 2 of the 4 boys of the family now fully grown up, decided to have the business to be grown up too, as it was necessary for our guests also! So, in 1992 we started Faros tavern! Since that time mama Irini is cooking home food for Faros guests but also for Naxian people!

The rooms and the tavern made the place more comfortable and easier to stay here for longer stay, but still something was missing to make it complete! So in 1999, we decide to build the swimming pool! This was a great expense for that time but definitely worth it!

Since that time, step by step we are improving our services and knowledge, to make your stay with us, a unique experience!

After all these years of hard work and great efforts, we feel happy and proud that we are able to offer our guests a unique experience of halidays!!!

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