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How to get to Naxos
You can choose to come either by plane or by boat.
Coming by air-plane to Naxos
we have only National flights from Athens Airport, every day during high season, but book in advance as we have the small 40 seat aircrafts only!
If you decide to go by boat:
. The best way to come to Naxos is to flight to Santorini or Mykonos and get the first ferry to Naxos. It takes 2-3 hours and there are quite many daily connections.
. Most common route is Pireaus -> Paros -> Naxos, if your flight is from Athens. However, some ferries make a stop at Syros as well before getting to Paros and Naxos.
. From Rafina Port there are Catamaran ferries that do not carry vehicles and High Speed boats that can carry vehicles.
. The High Speed that takes 4 hours and the Blue Star takes approximately 5:15 hours.
There are several other ferries that connect Naxos to other islands like Crete, Ikaria and Samos as well as big ports of Greece like Thessaloniki. Such trips are usually once a week, depending on the season.
We recommend a rented car for your daily excursions on the island as to the nearby beaches! The public bus is not convenient to move around the island. If you are travelling in high season we recommend to book your car in advance as it is difficult to find. We can arrange your car rental and pick it up either at the port on your arrival or at Faros.

If you arrive on Naxos with your own car or you pick up a rented car, you may download the small video we have created for you!

Daily expenses
. Bus fare: 2.60 Euro
. Taxi fare to airport: 25.00 Euro
. Taxi fare to town / port: 25.00 Euro
. Full meal per person: 9.00 -15.00 Euro
. Small car rent: 20.00-50.00 Euro (depends on the period)

Calling from another country 0030 22850 + 5 digit telephone number
Automatic dialing code 22850
Police 22100
Municipal Office 22717
Port Authority 22300
Archaeological Museum 22725
Health Center 23333, 23676, 23550
Pharmacies 22241, 23183
National Bank of Greece 22188
Agricultural Bank of Greece 22818
Commercial Bank of Greece 22209
KTEL Buses 22291
Taxis  22444

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