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Agios Georgios is considered the basic beach of Naxos and it is located just 10 minutes from the port and 3 minutes from the town center.


Agios Prokopios a beach of great resort and clear sand, where you can go by bus or boat, north of Agia Anna. It is one of the longest beaches of Naxos and in summer aggregates a lot of people, mostly young.


Agia Anna small, but also a beach of great resort, with thin sand, a few small rocks and a small port, where small boats can come.


Plaka – right after is the beach of Plaka, in which you can go by boat or on foot, in direction towards Mikri Vigla. There you can find sea sports and countless rooms.


Mikri vigla-The rock of Mikri Vigla (16 klm. from Chora), separates the sandy beaches of Parthenos and Mikri Vigla. Because of the perfect weather conditions the beach of Parthenos has become a meeting place for surfers from all over the world.


Kastraki a huge beach - almost 7km long- in the southwest coast of Naxos, which recently was named the clearest beach of Cyclades. It is commendable for those who like quiet and depth exploration.


Alyko - it is located between the beaches of Pyrgaki and Glyfada. A very especial area which consisted of many beaches and small bays with sand and crystal clear water. There is also the small port of Naxos where the harbours of the nearby islands, supply Naxos with fishes and the unique Cedar forest (a natural protected area) with the marvellous sand dunes all over the area.


Pyrgaki - right after Alyko beach, almost 20km southwest of Chora. In the last years the number of tourists in the area has been increased.


Agiassos - is a sandy isolated beach with sallow clear water. There are two dirty roads leading to Agiassos. One of them starts just outside Sagri and the other just before Pyrgaki.



Apollonas -almost 40km away from Naxos, it is most known as a village. The beach is small but it has also a small port for boats.


Lionas - a small bay with crystal clear water in the northeast coast of Naxos, 40km from Chora. Mainly rocky, it is located near the traditional villages of Koronos and Komiaki.


Moutsouna - a small bay with crystal clear water in west coast of Naxos, a few kilometres east of Apiranthos.


Psili Ammos - a  very beautiful small beach, east of Naxos, in which you can go by boat or by bike from Moutsouna.


On the southern tip of Naxos is the bay of Calados, a magical place sheltered from the wind, where the land meets the sea. Calados is reachable only by boat (there is a very rough  road, which starts from Filoti and leads to Calados but we do not recommend it unless you have a suitable vehicle.) It's necessary to take supplies if you decide to visit this beach.



Amitis bay it is located between the villages of Galini and Engares, at the end of a valley. Not fully organized beach, but recommended for the ones who wish something different.


Abram bay a small bay north of Amitis with sand and pebbles, inside a valley and next to the mouth of a small river. It is located 20km northwest of Chora.


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